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Celia Slater - CEO of True North Sports


Pioneering, forward-thinking and solution-focused, Celia Slater is the owner and founder of True North Sports. She is a nationally-recognized leader committed to providing professional development opportunities for coaches of all sports interested in pursuing both excellence in their profession and bridging the gap toward gender equality for both coaches and players.

Celia brings nearly 30 years of unmatched experience in college athletics as both an organizational head and a collegiate basketball coach, most recently serving as co-founder and executive director of both the NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) and The Alliance of Women Coaches (The Alliance). A true trailblazer, she enjoys traveling to campuses to speak with students, coaches and administrators, having previously been in each of those capacities herself.

Celia’s core beliefs rest in the power of emotional investment in reaching one’s own “true north” to achieve the height of victory as a coach, not just in accolades, but by successfully understanding one’s self, being authentic, and communicating with one’s players to have a mutually-beneficial relationship. Her creativity, passion for equality in athletics, and extensive experience as a “coach of coaches,” make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant. She has led topics that include, “Philosophy Soup,” “Finding Your Voice,” and “The Bigger Picture of Being a Champion,” which motivates coaches to look at the whole picture—not just winning or losing.

In her sparse free time, Celia is an adventure-seeker who enjoys traveling, speaking, motivating, and learning new ways to impact herself and the communities she works with. Celia started from within and, with her help, you can, too!