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We started Athlete Network because we believe ‘Once an athlete, always an athlete.’ The challenge for athletes is they will not always be on a team or involved with a competitive athletic pursuit, but their athlete mindset never shuts off. Athlete Network’s goal is to help our members understand and leverage their athlete mindset throughout all aspects of life. We do this by connecting athletes to the right employers, mentors and motivating content, which allows them to stay focused, leverage their athlete mindset and keep competing in life.

As the founder of Athlete Network, I get to work with our amazing team where we are on a relentless pursuit to bring relevancy and inspiration to the world’s athletes.

Born and raised in Hawaii, I not only grew up in one of most beautiful places in the world, but one of the most diverse as well. The Aloha Spirit of being friendly and willing to help anyone is in my DNA. I played football for the University of Hawaii and was part of their championship season in 1999, as well as for Missouri State University where I earned a degree in Entrepreneurship/Management.

Prior to Athlete Network, I gained extensive operational and sales experience within the pharmaceutical, finance, and investment banking industries. Still a competitive athlete, I recently completed my first Tough Mudder race. I founded Athlete Network because I believe athletes are at their best when constantly immersed in a challenge. Today’s online platforms are too generic and fall short at inspiring athletes to push past the status quo. By focusing on the right athlete attributes, Athlete Network is able to inspire and fuel the members’ driven lifestyles.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.“
– Zig Ziglar