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Consulting Services

In scenarios when your company would benefit from outside expertise, Snodgrass Partners can provide you with a full range of consulting services at a competitive rate and in a timely fashion. Our consultants can work in tandem with your organization to help you deliver the task at hand and/or provide you with an array of strategic support at the department or enterprise level.

Vertical Market Expertise

We’ve been in your shoes. Our consultants’ expertise spans a broad array of vertical industries. The skill sets of our consultants’ include relevant knowledge and resources in the following sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Sales
  • Technology

Our first-hand experience in these markets reduces the learning curve, enabling us to align quickly with your company’s goals and culture. You will also benefit from our insight, which enables us to identify opportunities and strategies across your organization including untapped employee potential.

Collegiate and Sports Industry Consulting

Our sports industry consultants have unmatched, first-hand experience. They can provide an impartial and knowledgeable consulting tailored to your specific needs including:

  • Survey-driven Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • 360 Program Audits and Personnel Assessment
  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Market Research
  • Professional and Leadership Development

We also offer knowledgeable consulting on topics such as facility upgrades, raising capital, programs that drive membership and more. Learn more about our Sports Recruiting and Consulting Practice.

Organizational and Human Capital

Snodgrass Partners offers you a full range of strategies related to employee interactions and the impact your organization has on your workforce including Best Practices, Specialized Research, Candidate Assessment and Organizational Planning.

Our consultants can coach you through workplace conflict – providing neutral, third-party mediation as well as issue monitoring, employee interviewing and leadership education. We can also help you with compensation and total rewards issues along with effective educational and engagement strategies for employees.

Program and Project Management

Whether you need a program or project managed from end-to-end or in a single area of focus such as scheduling cost controls or implementing new technology, Snodgrass Partners can provide seasoned industry veterans. We can bring you the department head, project leader and/or the entire staff to efficiently and effectively design, deploy and manage the required task through completion. Our consultants can work with your internal staff or take full responsibility for all aspects of the assignment.

Executive Compensation and Employee Engagement

Snodgrass Partners teams with the Employee Engagement Institute (EEI) to deliver a host of consulting services and metrics tools to determine if executive candidates are a good match with an organization’s culture. The EEI partnership also extends our capabilities to include the design of executive compensation and total reward programs, which motivate, improve retention and fuel profitable growth. We also offer leadership consulting focused on helping your executives achieve long-term success.

Process Development

If you need to create a new procedure, our consultants can assist with process development across the organization. As experts within numerous Vertical Markets, Snodgrass Partners can also help you refine current methods by evaluating areas of improvement where strategic changes can lead to enhanced performance. This experience also offers you third-party credibility and insight on competitors’ strategies.