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Dr. Brian Russell provides executive leadership consultation to Snodgrass Partners, helping to vet candidates by providing executive leadership assessment and consulting. He has become one of America’s most recognized psychologists and lawyers. Dr. Russell has provided executive search consulting services to Steve Snodgrass for more than 20 years.  He has been a featured guest on multiple national television networks including the Fox News Channel, CNN, HLN, CBS, MSNBC and the Hallmark Channel since 2006. He began co-hosting the hit series “Fatal Vows” on Investigation Discovery in 2012.

As a psychologist who also holds his law degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA), Dr. Russell has practiced both clinically and forensically, treating adults and children and serving as an expert in criminal and civil legal matters. As an attorney, he has represented clients in high- and low-profile criminal and civil cases and has served as a mediator, litigation consultant and legislative advisor. He has written numerous articles and books on psychological and legal topics.

Dr. Russell currently teaches a course at the University of Kansas on psychological and legal issues in the American workplace. He speaks to a wide variety of audiences about human behavior—how to deter destructive behavior and how to incentivize constructive behavior—integrating his expertise in people, public policy and productivity.