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José serves as the Global Vice President and Director of Business Excellence (BEx) for Black & Veatch where he oversees the global identification, prioritization and execution of several hundred mission critical business improvements and innovations that add value to Black & Veatch, its business partners, and clients.

Prior to his current role, Pires held business excellence and innovation leadership positions in large, global companies in the electronics (Sony), semiconductor (Cymer-ASML), and food (Nestlé) industries. Throughout his career, Pires developed and refined BEx as an integrated program for innovation, leadership development and value creation globally.

Pires is an advisory board leader and keynote speaker for several global conferences on innovation, operational excellence, leadership development, business transformation and growth acceleration.

He holds a Bachelor in Engineering Physics from the University of Kansas and a Master in Business Administration focused in Investment Banking and Entrepreneurship from the University of San Diego.